We work with wide range of the technologies. Some tools are just better based on the task.


Web Sites and Applications and Apps

This is one of the widest development areas and tools are numerous. We specialize in Microsoft .Net technologies. In addition, we utilize javascript and libraries (such as jQuery, AngularJS, React.js). For presentation purposes we utilize HTML5, CSS and Bootstrap.


Cloud Architecture

You most likely have heard of the cloud. IT Systems can talk to each other faster and more reliably using the cloud architecture. There are many options and based on your needs we can help you. We recommend that Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure platforms.


Data and Databases

Everything runs on data. We have to collect it / store it / analyze it. Regardless if you are working with on-premise servers or cloud based database system we can help. We specialize in Microsoft SQL Server and mySql implementations. Let us make sure your data is secure.


API Integrations

To improve your productivity, your data needs to be available to you in all different forms and system. Utilizing API Integration, we provide communications between all your systems, your supply chain and ERP systems, with your Order Management Systems, etc. We integrate with Amazon, eBay, Shopify, ShipStation, QuickBooks and many other.


Agile / Scrum Process

Agile Methodology is a type of project management process. The agile method anticipates change and allows for much more flexibility than traditional methods. Clients can make small objective changes without huge amendments to the budget or schedule. Agile Methodology has a proven track record and is widely recognized as the mostly used standard for software development life-cycle.

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