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At MTKWeb Solutions, we use Agile methodology for internal project management. For interaction with clients, we will often use the 5D methodology. We want to ensure that our clients get exactly what they want. There should be no confusion during the design, development, and deployment process. One of the best and proven ways to do this is through the use of 5D methodology. This consists of five distinct steps: discover, define, design, develop, and deploy.

It is effectively a business model that focuses on listening to the client, and then applying what they’ve told us to deliver results and meet, or even exceed their expectations. Our goal is to discover our clients needs and deliver solution that exceeds those expectations. During discovery, we determine what we need to do to meet those wants and needs, then work together with the client to apply original thinking, tools, services, and high-end technology to define, design, and develop a course of action to satisfy those requirements.

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